Chef Helena

Helena Loureiro was born on December 9, 1966 in Serra de Santo Antonio, a small village near Fatima in central Portugal. Her passion for the culinary arts was confirmed early on: from 1983 to 1986, she studied at the Lisbon Hotel Institute, before working in various Portuguese restaurants.

Her wanderlust took her as far as Montreal. On her arrival in 1988, Helena completed her training at the Institut de tourisme et d'hôtellerie du Québec, graduating in 1990. She went on to work as executive chef at Le Vintage restaurant, then again as chef at Alexis le Trotteur, where she worked for twelve years.

Helena became chef-owner of Portus Calle, an upscale Portuguese cuisine restaurant she opened on March 7, 2003. Since then, Helena has been delighting her guests with exquisite dishes matched only by her warm presence and passion for her craft.

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